Real-time insight into consumption and generation

Cloud-based solution for organizations that allows energy flows to be managed, analyzed and improved in one place. For water and energy professionals, building managers, project developers and local energy initiatives.
Manage energy data centrally
Increase customer satisfaction
Accurate customer & invoicing data
Real-time insight into assets

Using EnergyGrip, you can optimise corporate processes such as billing and asset management

Having real-time energy data enables organisations to generate invoices, track down inefficiencies, and make accurate predictions about supply and demand. Moreover, all of this is possible on a regional level, per post code, or even for individual buildings. Once in possession of this information, companies can tweak their energy flows accordingly (a process known as load-balancing). This is a key element of any future-proof energy system.

  • Make the right choices based on independent data 
  • Fixed monthly fee per energy source
  • Real time data from different energy sources in one dashboard
  • Full compliance with all current legislation and regulations

Energy does not have to be complex. With EnergyGrip, we provide clarity and insight into the ecosystem of energy generation and usage.

The time is now

Increasingly stringent requirements are being imposed these days with regards to energy management. More progressive legislation and regulations compel organisations to find a way to properly map out their own energy usage as well as that of their customers. It’s clear where we are headed: a future in which imprecise assumptions about energy are a thing of the past. As such, the availability of accurate energy data is quickly becoming absolutely essential.

EnergyGrip offers organisations the tools they need to be fully compliant with new legislation, but also to get ahead in the energy transition process.

EnergyGrip consists of 4 elements


Connects all energy sources


Makes all energy sources visible


Connects to your own infrastructure


Presents energy insights to end customers

and is built using the Aurum Framework

Stadsverwarming Purmerend

In 2027 dienen alle warmtemeters slim te zijn. Eén van de grootste warmtenetten in Nederland is dat van Stadsverwarming Purmerend. Dit warmtebedrijf zocht een oplossing om de bestaande metervoorraad te verslimmen. Met EnergyGrip kan meetdata als flow, temperatuur en volume uitgelezen en gemonitord worden. Hierdoor kan vraag en aanbod van warmte beter gemanaged worden, hetgeen bijdraagt aan kostenbesparing en CO₂ reductie. Bovendien wordt de klanttevredenheid verhoogd doordat actueel warmteverbruik inzichtelijker is en bewoners geen meterstanden meer hoeven door te geven.

These organisations are already using EnergyGrip

Purmerend district heating

The Aurum gateways with narrowband IoT of LTE-M communication technology are capable of submitting data from locations that are difficult to reach, such as in basements or behind thick concrete walls. Among other things, these gateways can measure the following: water volume in m3, supply and return temperature in °C, and flow in l/h of energy in GJ.

Welkom Energie

Go here to view the white label energy usage manager for Welkom Energie

Enschede energy information desk

Go here to view the white label energy usage manager for Energieloket Enschede

Change= building manager

uses EnergyGrip to monitor water and power usage and thermostats in 600 studio apartments in the sustainable Leidsche Rijn residential complex.

The creators of EnergyGrip

We are Aurum Europe and are based in Breukelen

With our young team of clever, action-oriented minds, we have been creating solutions for a wide range of energy-related challenges since 2011. Why? Because we recognise the necessity of developing a sustainable energy system, and that as a society, we all have quite a task ahead of us. Digitalisation will be the key in this energy transition process, and we help organisations achieve said digitisation.

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