Demand and supply of energy flows mapped in real time

Grip on your data with our 4 modular components on our Aurum Framework


Connect all energy sources

The universal IoT gateway can be connected to multiple energy sources in a building.  Apart from analogue and smart meters, the gateway can also measure the energy generated by solar panels, district heating meters, and even electric vehicle charging stations. The gateway works regardless of the type of meter, brand or supplier, thus preventing vendor lock-in. Existing measuring systems can be connected to the gateway via M-Bus, P1, Lora or Narrowband IoT.

EnergyGrip is hardware agnostic. If you have existing measuring equipment, we can simply connect these to the system.


Makes all energy sources visible

Provides energy managers with a clear overview and detailed insight into all of the different energy sources. The managers can then perform analyses based on location or source, draw comparisons, and detect discrepancies. On top of that, we offer external data sources (ODA services, third-party data integration) to supplement the measuring data. This enables EnergyGrip to display the energy data of any type of building in the management environment, regardless of the supplier, network manager or type of meter.


Connects to your own infrastructure

Although we do offer our own Gateway, we are also hardware agnostic. This means that we can use APIs to read third-party devices. On top of that, all EnergyGrip data can be shared via an automated link-up with existing systems, infrastructure or business processes. This REST API allows you to set up business processes such as impact reports and automated billing.


Presents energy insights to end customers

For organisations that do not only want access to energy data themselves, but also want to make this data available to residents, EnergyGrip’s fourth pillar is the perfect solution. Our (white label) mobile app offers end users an easy, accessible way to access EnergyGrip’s energy data and intelligent insights. The user-friendly interface was developed in close collaboration with the Dutch Consumers’ Association.

The energy market is constantly evolving.

Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of the EnergyGrip platform, you can easily connect different types and volumes of energy sources.

The sources listed below can be combined in the EnergyGrip dashboard

Choose to use our gateway or hook up your own measuring unit.


    • Generated power (solar panels)
    • Surplus
    • Battery
    • Charging station
    • Heat pump


    • District heating
    • Geothermal

You can also measure several units per source. For example, in the case of heat meters, our gateways submit data regarding the volume being processed, the pressure, and the temperature, among other things.