Present the independent energy data to your end user via this user-friendly interface

Help customers save money and increase satisfaction levels

Provide customers or residents with energy insight via a user-friendly energy usage manager. Our EnergyFlip app (previously called ‘Huisbaasje’) was developed in close collaboration with the Dutch Consumers’ Association. The app is available for consumer purchase via For our corporate clients, we offer EnergyFlip as part of our EnergyGrip solution. There are two options: the regular EnergyFlip app, and a white label option. The white label version is custom designed to match your organisation’s look & feel. In terms of its features, the white label app and the regular EnergyFlip app are almost identical, except the white-labeling app gives you the option of adding a ‘sixth tile’ to suit custom, company-specific needs.


Real-time usage · Historical usage · Solar panel surplus · Rest usage monitor · Year-end billing prediction 

Our real-time energy app is filled with usage data sourced from the meter box. The b2c gateway is easy enough to install that end users can do it themselves. Clever meters can be connected to the gateway using a p1 cable. For users who still have an analogue meter, we offer a version of the gateway equipped with Aurum sensors. The app automatically detects whether people are generating any surplus with their solar panels, and if so, the surplus is displayed in real time. There is also the option of connecting a kWh meter to display the gross production of the solar panels, as shown to the left.

White label

The EnergyGrip dashboard and the app can also be supplied white label. This offers a solution for energy suppliers and cooperatives. By using the white label options, an organization can have its ‘own’ interface without spending huge amounts on proprietary software development. In addition, the organization reaps the benefits of a proven, secure infrastructure. We supply this entire measurement chain in white label: the packaging and the app are delivered in the style of your brand. This way you have the best of both worlds: the reliability of a proven product and a consistent brand experience for end customers.

  • PACKAGING The EnergyFlip box has an external sleeve, which is produced using your organisation’s look & feel. The inner box then bears the (legally required) details and instructions.
  • APP We will incorporate your logos and icons in the app, and the name ‘EnergyFlip’ will not feature anywhere.
  • SUPPORT MAILSAny support emails (such as if a user has forgotten their password) are sent out of our back-end, but using your organisation’s look & feel.
  • APP DISTRIBUTIE The app is released in the various app stores bearing your organisation’s name.

For cases look at ‘Energieloket Enschede’ and  ‘Welkom Energie

Also possible using P4 data connection (no hardware)

Aurum Europe is a certified  ODA (Independent Service Provider) with EDSN Nederland. This means that residents can grant permission for their clever meter data to be read digitally using the P4 connection with the grid operator. The (white label) app can be filled with real-time gateway data via the P1 port or using cloud data via the P4 port. The advantage of this is that there is no need to install any hardware, also making it cheaper. A disadvantage is the fact that P4 data has a 24-hour delay, meaning that the app cannot display real-time data. Even so, it can still display historical usage data, rest usage data, a year-end billing prediction and all other features of the real-time app.


Connects all energy sources


Makes all energy sources visible


Connects to your own infrastructure