With our hardware solutions you can measure all types of energy sources such as gas, electricity, sun, batteries and heat pumps on a real-time basis

Aurum Universal NB-IoT Gateway

We feel that it is important to be able to measure and submit data regardless of the meter or systems being used. We rely on Aurum for this entire measuring chain, and when needed, we can deploy our own hardware to unlock data. This solution allows us to measure all types of energy sources (gas, electricity, solar, heating, battery, charging stations, etc.) in real time. Our universal gateways are easy to install, and the firmware can be updated remotely to ensure high-quality measuring data in the long term and enable end-to-end monitoring. These gateways are used for both our consumer  product, EnergyFlip, and our corporate solution, EnergyGrip.

The universal Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) gateway can be connected to several sources in a building or home. The gateway is extremely economical in terms of its energy usage, using only about 2 watts. The gateway has a fixed 230 VAC power cable and a fixed M-bus connector (with a maximum of 4 M-bus meters per 1 gateway). On top of that, the gateway has two universal RJ-50 ports that can support the likes of RS458/Modbus. These ports can be used to  connect things like a kWh meter or a heat meter. NB-IoT connectivity ensures safe, secure transport of measuring data, but the gateway can also be connected to Wi-Fi. Moreover, the gateway is CE certified and easy to install.

Vodafone partner

Narrowband-IoT by Vodafone – Wide reach, low energy usage

Aurum generally develops energy management solutions that do not rely on the client’s Wi-Fi network. To be able to develop new services and maintain a closed chain, Aurum is looking for new connectivity solutions. Vodafone’s Narrowband-IoT has proven to be the best fit for our objectives, and we are utilising Vodafone’s significant expertise to develop further. The sensors in the meter boxes are connected to Vodafone’s Narrowband-IoT and submit data to the end user at a set frequency. The sensors used in meter boxes have a wide, stable reach and use very little energy, meaning that they have an impressive lifespan of 10 years. Go here to view the exposé Vodafone Corporate made regarding Aurum Europe and EnergyGrip.


Makes all energy sources visible


Connects to your own infrastructure


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